Robert Ehrenbrand

Robert Ehrenbrand


Robert Ehrenbrand is a German musician and songwriter. 

He was born in 1978 in Munich, Germany.

 He is the bass player for American Post-Hardcore band BOYSETSFIRE, guitarist for the band LIFELINE (together with friend and singer Don Foose of The Spudmonsters), as well as guitarist/bassist for THE NEW RECRUITS (together with fellow Boysetsfire-members Chad Istvan and Nathan Gray).Robert decided to pursue a career in music after seeing Metallica perform "For Whom The Bell Tolls" at the Donington Monsters Of Rock Festival on MTVs Headbangers Ball (much to the horror of his parents).

 After jamming with local metalheads in his parent's basement, covering songs by Metallica, Megadeth and German punk bands, his first recording-sessions and live-gigs came when 15 years old as the guitarist of southern-German alternative band MAD DOC MC CREEK.

 He went on to form other bands like FOR MOVEMENTS SAKE and TRICE, but really started getting serious about music with the Hardcore-band MY HERO DIED TODAY. MHDT have been named amongst the most influential hardcore bands in Germany around the late 90s and toured extensively in Europe supporting bands like CONVERGE, BOYSETSFIRE, NAPALM DEATH, HIS HERO IS GONE and many others...shortly before departing for a 6-week-US-tour the band broke up due to internal differences.

 After a shortlived solo-outing with THE PYRO TALE, Robert joined BOYSETSFIRE in 2003 after working for them as a stage-tech and roadie. He moved to the US and recorded the band's cirtically acclaimed THE MISERY INDEX: NOTES FROM THE PLAGUE YEARS album, followed by worldwide touring to support the release. 

 Robert continues to play with BOYSETSFIRE, as well as touring and recording with his other bands LIFELINE (a tribute to his long standing interest in Vedic Meditation and Bhakti Yoga) and THE NEW RECRUITS.

 The avid Mixed-Martial-Arts-fan and Thai/Kick-Boxer and longtime Vegan lives with his family in Munich.

 LIFELINE released their debut-album “Civil Disobedience” in 2012 on Fast Break Records. BOYSETSFIRE will release their follow-up to THE MISERY INDEX in 2013.

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